Dear Colleagues and Participants,

It is our great pleasure and honour to invite you to participate in the International Donor Surgery and Organ Preservation Masterclass (IDSOPM), that will take place in Warsaw the 9-11th of June 2021.

This event will be organised by the Department of General and Transplantation Surgery, Medical University of Warsaw. The well-established position of European Donor Surgery Masterclass (EDSM) in Leiden (Netherlands), as well as the tradition of the International Course The Donor Surgeon in Italy inspired us to organise this event in the central part of Europe to be more accessible for surgeons from the central and eastern Europe.

The program focuses on the technical aspects of organ donation and preservation with special interest in the advances, that have been made during the last decade in the field organ storage. The rapid spread of the use of machine perfusion during preservation of liver and kidney in the hipo-, subnormo- or normothermic conditions is changing the donor pool and gives new insight in organ assessment and acceptance.

This masterclass program covers the basic and advanced aspects of abdominal organ procurement giving participants an opportunity to acquire comprehensive knowledge and skills. During this three days meeting, many world-leading clinicians in the field of organ retrieval and transplantation will provide participants through lectures, practical surgical training, hands-on course and animal laboratory training. There is no successful organ transplantation without appropriate retrieval and organ storage. The motto of the masterclass is: “proficiency through precision”, as we believe, that only precision in every day practice can lead us to proficiency as close as it is possible. We hope to welcome you in June 2021 in Warsaw, Poland.

Book your calendar and kindly stimulate your colleagues to participate in the meeting.

Very sincerely yours,

Maciej Kosieradzki
Maciej Kosieradzki, MD, PhD, FEBS, Prof
Head of the Department
Piotr Domagala
Piotr Domagala, MD, PhD, FEBS, MBA
Masterclass Manager