The Workshop is organised by the Department of General and Transplantation Surgery, Medical University of Warsaw, Poland.

The Department of General and Transplantation Surgery has been a leading centre in Poland in the field of organ transplantation for over 30 years. It is one of two Departments in Poland, that performs almost all abdominal transplants: kidney, liver and pancreas from deceased donor, as well as kidney from living donor.

Most of operations in the field of general surgery and oncological surgery are performed in the Department. The Department also acts as a reference regional centre for patients prepared for kidney transplantation. Currently, it is the only centre in Poland, that performs kidney transplants with atypical urinary disorders. Annually, nearly 2500 patients are admitted to the Department, several thousand consultations in the outpatient clinic are provided and about 1,200 endoscopic examinations are performed. Almost 1,500 operations are performed in the three operating rooms, annually.

The team members cooperate extensively with many centres in Poland, as well as with international centres. The centre is authorised to train general surgeons and clinical transplantology specialist.